Who Owns Ambetter Health Insurance?

The intricate landscape of health insurance can often raise questions regarding the ownership and affiliations of various providers. If you are considering enrolling with Ambetter Health insurance, it would be beneficial to understand its ownership, operation, as well as its mission.

Overview of Ambetter of Illinois

Ambetter Health insurance, also known as Ambetter from Celtic Insurance Company in Illinois, is a health insurance solution to meet varying customers’ needs. However, many people might not be aware that Ambetter is not a standalone company but rather a brand under the parent corporation, Centene Corporation.

The Centene Corporation, a Fortune 100 company, is a multinational healthcare enterprise that provides a vast portfolio of services to government-sponsored and commercial healthcare programs. Centene uses Ambetter as a core brand name for Health Insurance Marketplace products in order to reach a more comprehensive client base.

Mission and focus of Ambetter Health

As part of Centene Corporation’s healthcare family, Ambetter shares its mission of transforming the health of the community, one person at a time. Ambetter Health insurance bespoke plans aim to provide you with a path towards better health. It focuses on delivering high-quality, culturally-sensitive, and personalized healthcare solutions, making health easier to manage and healthcare goals easier to achieve.

Each Ambetter insurance plan encompasses a wide variety of coverage options, ranging from preventive and emergency care, to maternity and newborn care, and prescription drugs, striving to ensure that your healthcare needs are comprehensively covered. They believe in providing access to quality, affordable healthcare that respects your health journey’s uniqueness.

Therefore, when you’re making a crucial decision about health coverage, understanding Ambetter’s ownership, along with the mission and focus of your insurer, is important.

Now that you’re armed with an understanding of who owns Ambetter health insurance, you can make a more informed decision when considering Ambetter as your health insurance provider. Remember, the best insurance plan is the one that fits your healthcare needs and budget. [1][2][3][4]

Ownership of Ambetter Health Insurance

Introducing Ambetter Health Insurance – a crucial player in the bustling health insurance market, unique for its comprehensive coverage and emphasis on preventive care.

Centene Corporation as the owner

The business behind the successful Ambetter Health Insurance brand is none other than the well-renowned Centene Corporation. This multinational Fortune 500 company, with its headquarters in Missouri, is actively engaged in the business of healthcare. Operating domestically and internationally, Centene holds a diverse portfolio of healthcare plans – one of which is the esteemed Ambetter insurance brand.

Centene Corporation’s commitment to growth and value creation

As the owner of Ambetter Health Insurance, Centene adds immense value by blending innovation with affordability. Efficiency, value, and steady progress are evidently the cornerstone of Centene’s mission. Known to prioritize user satisfaction, the best interest of consumers drives Centene’s ambitious growth strategies.

Your loyalty to Ambetter would translate into Centene’s ever-growing commitment to enhance value through improved services, expanded coverage, and continual technological innovation. Centene’s strategic partnerships with local healthcare providers reinforce their commitment to bring state of the art health services to the Ambetter community.

Celtic Insurance Company as the issuer of Ambetter of Illinois

Illinois residents, listen up! Special mention goes to Celtic Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Centene Corporation. This subsidiary functions as the primary insurer for the Ambetter brand operating within Illinois. Choosing Celtic Insurance Company as the provider for Ambetter amplifies Centene’s focus on localized, community-centric health solutions.

When you choose Ambetter in Illinois, you are placing your trust and health in both the comfortingly global reach of Centene and the attentively local focus of the Celtic Insurance Company.

To conclude, Centene Corporation, through its various subsidiaries – including Celtic Insurance Company – owns, operates, and nurtures the Ambetter brand across various states, providing quality and affordable healthcare solutions to communities. As an Ambetter insured, you stand at the crossroads of global efficiency and local expertise, under the reliable umbrella of Centene. [5]

Source: npr.brightspotcdn.com

Ambetter of Illinois Health Plan

You might be interested in a sound, competent health plan that doesn’t compromise quality for affordability. In your diligent search, you may have come across the Ambetter Health Insurance plan. Before locking into any contract, understanding the owner’s credibility can give you peace of mind. Ambetter Health Insurance is owned and managed by Centene Corporation, a Fortune 500 company with deep roots in providing a diversified portfolio of health services. Centene is a multinational firm offering a fine blend of both private and public health insurance schemes, with Ambetter being one of their proud offerings.

Centene Corporation owns and manages Ambetter Health Insurance across most US states. The corporation has carved out a niche in health insurance, offering insurance products that cater to underserved markets and underserved individuals.

Coverage offered in 14 counties across Illinois

Under Centene Corporation’s management, Ambetter provides coverage to enrollees in 14 counties across Illinois, offering a range of diverse insurance plans. Ambetter puts forth an array of policies tailored to suit your specific needs, with tiered plans offering options for comprehensive cover, essential health benefits and different cost allocation structures.

Benefits of enrolling during the open enrollment period

Open Enrollment is a crucial period for health insurance applications. If you apply during this period, your coverage can start as early as the first of the next year. While Ambetter and Centene Corporation uphold a commitment to quality service and flexibility, it’s beneficial to note the open enrollment period to ensure a seamless transition into your plan. Should you miss this window, you may still qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, often triggered by significant life events such as moving, having a baby, or losing other health coverage.

Member portal and accessing specific information

Centene Corporation ensures easy access to benefits and information through the Ambetter member portal. Once you’re logged into your Ambetter account, the portal becomes an informational hub, granting you access to crucial functionalities. You’ll have access to claim details, provider search, benefits overview, pharmacy benefits, and much more at your fingertips. It also allows you to pay your premiums online, ensuring a seamless transaction process.

As it regards Ambetter of Illinois, Centene Corporation provides not just health insurance but aims to provide and improve the health of its community one individual at a time; they focus on whole health for the longevity and quality of life. By understanding who stands behind your health insurance plan, you are equipped with the confidence to make an informed decision that best serves your healthcare needs. [11][12]

Ambetter Health’s Approach to Care

Ambetter Health has solidified its place in the medical care industry as a provider that aims to deliver not just healthcare services but also values. They subscribe to a patient-centric agenda that has led them to seminal developments in their field.

Improving the health of beneficiaries through compassionate care

Centerstage in Ambetter health’s approach to providing health care, is compassion. Compassionate care has been known to have a positive influence on patient recovery rates and satisfaction levels. At the heart of Ambetter’s philosophy, the goal is to improve the lives of patients, and this compassion fosters an environment where patients feel comfortable and better able to communicate about their health concerns.

Coordinated Care and Its Importance

At Ambetter Health, care coordination is not just a buzzword; it plays a crucial role in their healthcare delivery. With a focus on effective communication, care coordination across various healthcare professionals ensures that the patient’s healthcare plan is executed seamlessly and efficiently. Importance is placed on making sure every member of the healthcare team, from the primary physician to the specialist, has a clear understanding of the patient’s needs and progress.

Restrictions and Eligibility Requirements for Receiving Benefits

Despite providing stellar healthcare, certain criteria are placed upon beneficiaries of Ambetter Health’s services. If you meet the requirements, Ambetter’s policies provide quality care. It’s essential to carefully read through the eligibility terms to ensure the benefits align with your needs.

Ambetter health generally services individuals who fall within certain income ranges and are not eligible for Medicaid. Certain conditions also apply to their prescription drug policies where the drug must be necessary and fall within Ambetter’s drug formulary. Pre-authorization of some procedures may also be required.

Remember, Ambetter Health’s approach to health care is woven around a patient-centric, coordinated care environment. Comfort paired with effective communication supports improved patient outcomes and satisfaction levels. By understanding their unique restrictions and eligibility requirements, you can better navigate their services and achieve optimal healthcare conditions.


When considering health insurance, one essential aspect is understanding who owns the service. Under the umbrella of Centene Corporation, the ownership of Ambetter Health Insurance lies. Centene Corporation is a multinational Fortune 500 company with a firm footing in the healthcare sector, providing a range of services including, managed care.

Summary of Ambetter Health Insurance ownership

Stepping into the world of health insurance could be quite daunting with so many companies available to choose from. Timeliness, reliability, and accessibility are usually the top three concerns that clients often voice out. But apart from these, the ownership and credibility of the company should also make it to your checklist. In that aspect, Ambetter scores high by being a part of Centene Corporation. This affiliation has not only added to its credibility but has also opened windows towards more comprehensive coverage options.

Importance of Ambetter of Illinois in serving under-insured and uninsured populations

One of Ambetter Health Insurance’s influential subsidiaries is Ambetter of Illinois, as they exceed expectations in serving under-insured and uninsured populations. As the American healthcare system continues to evolve and expand, Ambetter of Illinois stays committed to ensuring that those most at risk have access to the critical healthcare services they need. By offering cost-effective and comprehensive health insurance plans, Ambetter of Illinois is filling the gap between individuals who often fall through the cracks in the traditional system.

Resources for finding personal health plans in Illinois

Locating a health plan to suit your specific needs doesn’t have to be difficult. A variety of resources exist that can assist you in finding the perfect plan. The official website of Ambetter of Illinois is a great place to start if you prefer to research online. They provide various plans along with a plethora of additional benefits like telehealth services and wellness programs. Moreover, to gain insights and guidance to pick the apt plan, you can get in touch with insurance brokers or professionals.

Ambetter Health Insurance, owned by Centene Corporation, has proven itself as a trusted health insurance provider prioritizing the needs of the under-insured and uninsured individuals, especially in the state of Illinois. By leveraging vast resources and expertise, they continue to deliver quality healthcare services to deserving citizens. [23][24


Writer of Sure Safeguard, a trusted resource for insurance-related insights and guidance. With over 7 years of experience working for Nationwide Insurance and a deep passion for empowering individuals, Susen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help readers navigate the complexities of insurance. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Susen is dedicated to simplifying insurance concepts, providing practical advice, and ensuring that readers have the tools to make informed decisions. Contact Susen at suresafeguard@gmail.com for any insurance-related questions or suggestions.

Susen Weiss

Writer of Sure Safeguard, a trusted resource for insurance-related insights and guidance. With over 7 years of experience working for Nationwide Insurance and a deep passion for empowering individuals, Susen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help readers navigate the complexities of insurance. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Susen is dedicated to simplifying insurance concepts, providing practical advice, and ensuring that readers have the tools to make informed decisions. Contact Susen at suresafeguard@gmail.com for any insurance-related questions or suggestions.

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